Salton Sea

So during the MLK Holiday  we were staying out in Desert Hot Springs and drove up to Joshua Tree to do some hiking. The line to get into the park was over two miles long, and every single parking space for hiking was already taken. With the current pandemic going on, we just drove thru and went back to the hotel. 
The next day, to make up that little fiasco, I suddenly had an idea and said to my sweetie, "Hey let's go down to the Salton Sea!"

My sweetie was like "We've been there before, and it was sad and depressing!" 

"Yeah but that was the west side. I wanna visit a place on the east side where I heard some artists have gone nuts"

She reluctantly agreed (she's such a sweetie) and we went down there and lo and behold, we got some pics, some of which you may want on your wall.

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