Spider in Pink

Even the Smallest Matter

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Jumping spiders are a group of spiders that constitute the family Salticidae. As of 2019, this family contained over 600 described genera and over 6,000 described species, making it the largest family of spiders at 13% of all species. Wikipedia

Jumping Spiders are the among the friendliest and most beloved of all spider species. Fans all over the world keep them as pets. They are highly curious, have excellent eyesight, and are as interested in us as we are in them.

Photo by Miriam W. Schulman, taken in Los Angeles, California

(Edition of 10 for each size)

Each print is signed, titled, dated, and numbered. Prints are generally available for purchase in two edition sizes.

Archival Pigment on Canson Platine  paper.
- 310gsm, 100% Cotton, High DMAX, No OBAs, Acid-free
- Shipped in sturdy packaging protecting the print